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Randi O P&R is an Atlanta-based public

relations company that focuses on social media management. 

Randi Okray | CEO, Social Media Guru


“Bread and buttered" in Dallas, TX, Randi O is most known for her vibrant persona and her in- your-face personality. After leaving her home state and moving to the Peach State, she was determined to make a name for herself in Atlanta.

With a background in Broadcast Journalism and firsthand experience in working for print, radio and television, Randi O focused right away on being on air when she arrived in Atlanta. She landed her first gig at Pop Life Radio where she served as a radio personality on “The Cool Kids Morning Show”. Not stopping there, she later joined and produced a YouTube talk show called, “Sipping with the Girls (SWTG).”


While finishing up her last year of grad school, where she was studying Public Relations she began to shoot for higher goals and envisioned having her own PR Company.

Randi O P&R was created in 2017 as a public relations company that focuses on managing client’s brands and social presence.

With a business under her belt and an imprint in the media scene, she created a dope podcast called, “Black, Educated & Broke” which garners thousands of streams and new followers daily.

When Randi O isn’t hosting, posting or tagging content, she enjoys giving back to the community, hanging out with friends and Sorors (iSkeeWee), spending time with her adorable pooch Martini and throwing down in the kitchen.

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The Path to Success

We manage various social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We keep pace with emerging social media and technological innovations as well as excel in creating original, entertaining, thought-provoking content to expand upon public interaction on all digital media platforms.


We oversee content and cultivate brands engagement across owned social media channels.


We also recommend content strategies including paid social media support (sponsored stories, promoted tweets, etc.) as it relates to campaign management


Lastly, we ensure brand and reputation is enhanced by social media activities; integrating with PR and social to actively manage through communications issues using social media.

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"Great people make other people great!"


Brieyanna Champ | Account Manager, Marketing Specialist


Brieyanna was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love & Cheesesteaks- Philadelphia, PA. After finishing high school she was warmly welcomed to Atlanta, GA (both literally and figuratively). Although she strayed away for a few years after undergrad, she always knew Atlanta would become home again. 

Brieyanna has a passion for researching new and creative ways to communicate information that could usually be perceived as uninteresting to the public. She was armed with the tools to do so while receiving a BA in English at Spelman College, and a MS in PR/Communications at Syracuse University.

As an Account Manager here at Randi O P&R, Brieyanna loves making the content fun, while also effectively communicating the client’s story to their target audience. 

In her spare time Brieyanna enjoys reading, watching crime shows, listening to music/going to concerts, and spending time with her family and friends. 

client testimonials

“When I needed advice, Randi O P&R was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to get our engagement back on track in no time.”

Robbie White

“I’m so happy I chose to work with Randi O P&R. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and the end result really brought my vision to life.”

Riley Jones

“You helped us expand our brand to a level we never thought possible. Thank you, Randi O P&R, for believing in us and pushing us forward. We really couldn’t have done it without you.”

Payton Hillman


Ebone Carswell | Executive Assistant 


Ebone Carswell is the Executive Assistant for Randi O P&R. A Florida Native, Ebone studied Information Technology at University of South Florida. Most of her summers were spent here in Atlanta growing up. She loves to be light to all she meets and views things from an optimism prospective. Ebone is a mother of 2 boys and has lived in Atlanta, GA for 2 years.  

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